Ultimate Health Consultants

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.


All progress takes place outside the comfort zone. 

Online coaching

This service is for the experienced athlete looking to breakthrough a plateau. Whether it’s gaining weight, dropping weight, improving performance, or hitting a new PR.

This service is done through the Train Heroic application and comes with one face to face session per month for check-ins and measurements.

at home consultations

Posture assessments, movement assessments, blood pressure check, and creating a plan of action to hir your health goals. Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance or pay a $20 cancelation fee. 

Exercise Classes

Get fit and have fun while doing it by being a part of a fitness community. This service includes three classes per week, 12 sessions per month plus additional fitness event and hiking events organized by the instructor. 

1-on-1 personal training

We specifically design your program to develop permanent, positive changes to your health, your level of physical fitness and your overall well-being.

All of our Personal Training packages start with a free fitness assessment. During the assessment your Personal Trainer will evaluate your current level of fitness and create an individualized workout and training regimen for you. All of this is designed for you to be able to meet your personal fitness goals.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Our Mission

There is you and there is the ULTIMATE version of you. Here at Ultimate Health Consultants, we make finding your path to your ULTIMATE self much easier and much more fun! Our core focus is Performance, Longevity, and Balance.





Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Hey, no one ever said getting an awesome, healthy body was easy.
that’s why the word work is in working out.


As your health professional, we understand how busy your lives are. So we emphasize on maximizing the time spent working out in order to get the ultimate results. 

Great Community

You will be a part of a community filled with fitness enthusiasts working together to help each other learn and improve their health and lifestyle. 

Personal Trainer

With one-on-one training, we will focus on breaking your plateau through shocking your body with intense training sessions. We will make sure to hold you accountable to working your hardest to get you to the next level!

Why Ultimate Health Consultants?

At UHC, we provide you
the best training environment


For the past 15 years I have experimented and practiced many different forms of exercise in order to achieve different performance target goals. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with clients from all backgrounds including, paraplegic, elderly, recent surgery, NCAA qualifying athletes, Olympic level athletes, powerlifters and beginner clients. Due to my versatility, I have learned so much and have been able to apply my knowledge in Corporate Bootcamps, local gym Bootcamps,  one on one client transformations, and obstacle course races. In all aspects of my training, I always focus on making sure my clients are having a good time and are pacing their body to avoid injury and ensure the results they are looking for. My primary goal is to heal my community through my knowledge of health and fitness! 

Meet our trainers

Our trainers are the best of the best. They have over ten years of experiences in this field.

Pedro Quintana


Pricing plans

Select the best one for YOUR needs!


Amazing classes and always truly enjoyed the hikes with the fit fam! Definitely worth it!

-Piyush Yadav

Pedro always pushed me so hard, but he made me find a stronger version of myself I never knew existed. I am so grateful because I am now a personal trainer myself and have begun to teach people I know how to be healthier and make easy healthy choices. His passion for exercise rubbed off on me!

-Maricarmen Barajas

Las clases de Coach Pedro son unas de las mejores que eh asistido desde empezar hacer ejercicio. A mi a mi esposo nos encanto la energia y el ambiente que invitamos a muchos de nuestros amigos. 

-Betty Hernandez

I lost a lot of weight working out in Coach Pedros classes and he always called me out for missing classes and help me be accountable.

-Lizbeth Esquivel

Coach Pedro is very attentive to detail even though he has 10 or more people in his class. He is always watching everyones form and I think that is very important when being a coach. We would defintely recommend his classes!

-Mike and Rebecca Miller